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It's finally here, we have made it out of the Winter 2018-2019 of what felt like the longest season of my life.

Unlucky Charm is an Audiodrama written by Elijah Gabriel and myself. It's a 10- Episode series that follows Sam and Aaron after they meet one fateful night. This story features several awesome talents in all categories.

Audio Drama News!

Unlucky Charm                       

 Unlucky Charm is now in production.

 Coming Mid-Summer 2019


Teaser out now!

Coming Fall 2019

Freebird News!

Freebird 2: American Battlefield

Freebird 2 is currently going through edits for publishing through Jumpmaster Press. 
Expected release to be Summer 2019

Freebird: End of Watch                             

Breaking news! A Freebird Audiodrama is currently in the works as a SHORTS crossover with Hail & Well Met! Coming Soon!

His Warriors News!

The Arise                                           

The sequel to The Demon Hunter is now complete! You can look for it's release soon.